Solution Seeker

Solution Seeker


Do you ever find yourself spending too much time soaking in your problems?


If you answered “yes”, then this post is for you.

If you answered “no”, then this post is also for you. (As a reminder)

“It is human nature to find ourselves spending too much energy worrying about our problems. Quite frankly, I could make a case that there is nothing wrong with taking the time to deal with the emotions in our daily situations and analyzing our problems.

However, the problem arises when we don’t spend the same amount of energy seeking solutions.

There is an attribute in sales that they use called “results driven” when seeking the perfect candidate. The candidate they are seeking possesses a keen ability to not only deal with problems, but also keep their sight on delivering results. 

They are aware of all the problems that they may face, but they understand they can’t afford to lose their focus. They been assigned the task of delivering results.

So what do they do?

They use it to their advantage.


The problem is not what is driving them. It is their drive to bring in results that pushes them forward. Once they are able to identify the problem, then they immediately turn their focus to finding a solution that can deliver results.

The same concept can be used throughout life. It does you zero good by spending more time worrying or complaining about a problem. The benefits come to those that spend more time trying to discover a solution.

Everything that you aspire in life is waiting on you. It just might be gift wrapped in a miniature problem awaiting your solution so that you can reap the reward.”


-Darrius E. Littleton

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