Hidden Treasures (SERIES): Perseverance


The Introduction

I want to begin by saying  “Welcome and Thank You” for joining me for the new series  entitled “Hidden Treasures”. I am glad that you have decided to join us and I hope that you will gain valuable knowledge that you can take with you during this series. “My goal will always be to bring value and inspiration to a thirsty spirit seeking self improvement.”

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Throughout life we find ourselves seeking our purpose. We find ourselves involved in activities in which we are highly skilled, and other activities in which we are not as skilled. We push ourselves to not only complete these tasks, but also to prove to ourselves that we are capable. These challenges are used to help empower us and make a statement that there is never a situation that is too big for us to overcome. In this new monthly series entitled “Hidden Treasures” I will provide key traits that will benefit us in our journey throughout life.

Whenever we are able to chase our dreams and desires despite the opposition, we start to see one of our greatest hidden treasures. The challenges and the opposition are not going anywhere, but if we use the tools that we posses to counter each opposition, then we will find our hidden treasure. The hidden treasure that I will examine this month is Perseverance.


“I’m reflective only in the sense that I learn to move forward. I reflect with a purpose.” -Kobe Bryant

When an action occurs that exposes us to opposition or difficulty we have an emotional response of fight vs. flight (refer to Emotional Intelligence series). In this response whenever we take on the fight response, there is an adrenaline reaction inside of us that assists us in pushing forward despite the opposition. Inevitably this response occurs in an effort to discover something bigger inside of us. We discover that there is something inside of us that will not allow us to fail. It is in these exact moments where we find the true definition of perseverance.

Perseverance, as defined by the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, is “continued effort to do or achieve something despite difficulties; failure or opposition.” Perseverance in any situation that opposes us is a chance to discover purpose.

Perseverance is inside of each us and we locate the treasure of this trait in times of resistance. Let me use for example a journey on a main road that has bumpy roads with potholes, harsh weather, and detours up ahead. On the journey, we are approaching the opportunity to exit the main road and make a U-Turn to avoid the bumps and resistance.

We have a choice to either exit the main road and go down Road A or stay on the main road, which is Road B. Two separate roads, with two separate destinations. Road A  is simple; Road A make us feel more comfortable because we have the opportunity to turnaround and it is smooth sailing back where we came from on our journey. Road B is simple; Road B we continue to push forward on our journey towards our destination despite the opposition. The reward for taking Road A is relief from the pressure of the resistance occurring in our journey. The reward for Road B is the continued pressure of the resistance  that drains us mentally and physically of all our fuel on the journey. The decision is yours to make and even I must admit that Road A sounds like a safer choice in the midst of pressure and resistance. But, pressure and resistance are what create diamonds in a treasure chest.

These decisions provide opportunities to discover our hidden treasure. The return or the reward is greater down Road B than the reward from Road A. We have a hidden treasure inside of us that makes these challenges much easier to face. The treasure of perseverance is what drives us to our success. Whatever motivated you to take the start down your journey will be where you locate the perseverance that lives within you. Perseverance indicates desire. If we truly desire something then there is this feeling inside of us, which is defined as perseverance, that automatically takes over to make sure we reach our destination. The driving factors in our life that connect perseverance with our desires provides the direction we should take in our life. Perseverance is tied to greatness. Once we discover the treasure of perseverance we are able to amplify and enhance the adrenaline in our minds to go that extra mile down Road B which will ultimately drive us to our successes.

When we take the time to examine our life we find that the choices we make indicate courage and perseverance. Courage is grace under pressure, which can be tied to perseverance. The courage from the grace under the pressures of life is what decides whether we go down Road A and make a U-Turn or we go down Road B and continue towards our success. NBA Great, Kobe Bryant states “I’m reflective only in the sense that I learn to move forward. I reflect with a purpose.” Throughout our journey, if we take a look in the rearview mirror of our lives, we will notice that whatever road that we take is an opportunity to reflect with a purpose. I challenge you moving forward  to use the power of perseverance to take the correct Road on this journey. Enlarge the vision and take on life’s challenges with your newly discovered treasure.