One Day Closer

One Day Closer

What is there to gain when you accept that yesterday, today and even tomorrow might not go the way you planned?

Let me tell you what you will gain.

1. A sense of peace

2. Understanding

“You gain a sense of peace because you learn to accept that every single day will never go the way you plan. You can only control what you can control. You have to just do your part and allow the rest to work itself out in its own timing.

You have to be able to find your peace in accepting that this is the way life is designed. It’s as simple as that.

You gain understanding by learning to take the good with the “not so good”. You must learn and discover the blessing in the two. Just because yesterday, today, or tomorrow do not go the way you plan or planned, it does not mean that things are not working in your favor. There is a blessing in every single day because each day that comes and goes…..

is one more day that we are closer to our divine purpose.

-Darrius E. Littleton

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