Be Intentional With Your Vision



“Vision is the ability to see something in the present or in the future.

Intention is the determination that we set to reach our goal.

Be intentional about having a vision and not allowing anything to stop you from reaching it.”


-Darrius E. Littleton


The Patient Traveler

The Patient Traveler


“Does it irk you when you have somewhere to be and the person in the vehicle ahead of you is driving super slow?



If not, then I commend you.

We pass them up, shake our head and keep driving to our destination. While the person in the other vehicle keeps taking their time and driving to their destination.

The reason why the person in the other vehicle is never bothered by how slow they are driving is because they have one goal in mind.

And no, it was never about slowing you down. (joking)

Their main focus is to reach their destination at their pace.

Throughout life why do we choose to measure the time it takes someone to reach their success to the time it takes us to reach ours?

Everyone has their own pace, their own path and not to mention their own bumps in the road.

And truth be told, some of those paths and bumps would have forced a lot of us to turn around on our journey.

So let’s stop comparing the time it takes to reach the destination and start encouraging each other to stay on pace and keep going.

Be patient, the goal is not how quickly you reach your destination.

The goal is simply to reach the destination”


-Darrius E. Littleton

The Master Key

The Master Key


You want the key to success?”

Become more disciplined and committed in finding the key.

I dare you to really buckle down and block out temporary distractions and satisfactions.

 Just focus.

Put together a plan.

And Stick to it.

Once you master discipline + commitment then you will locate your master key to success.”


-Darrius E. Littleton

Everything I Need To Succeed Is Within Me

Everything I Need To Succeed Is Within Me


“Nothing Can Stop Me.

No Person.

No Plot.

No Force.

No Circumstance.


I Repeat…


Everything I Need To Succeed Is Placed Within Me.”


-Darrius E. Littleton

Reduce The Excuses Increase The Solutions

Reduce The Excuses Increase The Solutions


Don’t you get tired of excuses?


“Challenging situations can bring us numerous reasons/excuses why we can’t overcome them.

Yes, I agree challenges can be difficult. Yes, I agree challenges can be frustrating.

Nevertheless, I always want to hold myself accountable for finding more time to find a solution and less time making excuses.

The more time that you spend seeking a solution, the quicker the problem can be solved.

There is not a challenge created that we can not overcome.

We control our destiny and we must use our power to get to the solution so that we can overcome our challenges and move toward our destiny.”


-Darrius E. Littleton

Wipe Away Negativity

Wipe Away Negativity

“Life is a journey that is traveled and filled with high and low experiences.

The key to handling and managing the ride is to keep your vehicle maintained and make sure all the parts in your vehicle are performing to their operating standards.

In other words you want to make sure you build a sound foundation that you can lean on in order to withstand anything that comes your way.

 One of the main parts of the vehicle that needs to be in working condition is your windshield wipers.

This is equivalent to keeping a sound mind that reminds you of your purpose and your power so that your vision is clear and you will always stay focused on the goal and task at hand.

Keep a sound mind, always make sure your windshield wipers are in working condition so when those negative experiences try to pour down on you and obstruct your vision…..You can always wipe them away and see clear again.”

-Darrius E. Littleton

Finish Strong

Finish Strong


“It doesn’t matter what you dealt with this week.

It doesn’t matter how tough or challenging this week was.

What matters is that….

You made it.

You achieved.

You succeeded.

Take a deep breath, embrace your victory and

Finish Strong.


-Darrius E. Littleton

Power Over Challenge

Power Over Challenge


Do your challenges feel overwhelming?


“Naturally and truthfully, yes our challenges tend to get the best of us.

However, we must remember that we were called to have power to rule over our challenges.

Not the other way around.

If the challenges you are facing are getting the best of you then it’s time to reverse course and take back your power.

Remember, you are powerful beyond measures.

You are a ruler over the situations in your life and your challenges are meant to be conquered.

Take back your power.


-Darrius E. Littleton

Keep Pushing

Keep Pushing


“You should never feel discouraged or embarrassed about the challenges you had to overcome.

The only statement that matters in the end is….

 but, despite it all I kept pushing.”

-Darrius E. Littleton

Control Your Perspective

Control Your Perspective


“One of the greatest lessons in life is to learn to control your perspective.

Positivity and perspective are two of the best tools to help us maneuver through life with an impact.

Positivity = I will stop telling myself life is handing me losses,

Perspective= I will start telling myself life is handing me lessons.

Once you master both, then whatever you face in life becomes a lot easier.

You realize there is no way you can lose.

You learn, you execute, and you accomplish.

That’s it.

The 3 Ps in life: Power, Perspective, Positivity.

You have the Power, You control the Perspective,

Stay Positive.”

-Darrius E. Littleton