The Listener Position

The Listener Position


Are you someone that speaks before they listen?


“If listening is not one of your best abilities then you may be missing the mark.

In order to be your very best then you have to amplify yourself by being a listener.

The ability to listen and learn from others is a golden opportunity that will help you to build your foundation so that your message has a greater impact on others.

Greatness is not concerned with your seat at the table. 

Those that only feel that they can be great because their seat gives them the power to speak are sitting at the table with a dull one edged sword.

Those that may or may not have a seat at the table, but choose to listen and learn understand their impact is not determined by their seat.

Their impact comes after listening and learning so much, they have discovered the problems at the table.

And by listening and learning so much, they now hold the key to the table’s ultimate success.

If at that point nobody at the table wants to listen, all the listening and learning has now positioned you to take those same skills and either pitch that key to success to a table that will listen or MAKE YOUR OWN TABLE.

The titles of the world don’t determine greatness, your ability to listen and learn in any capacity to serve the needs of others is where you discover your greatness.”


-Darrius E. Littleton

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