Lights, Camera, Action: Personal Development (SERIES)(PT.1-LIGHTS: BE READY)

Lights: You Must Be Ready

I want to begin by saying  “Welcome and Thank You” for joining me for the new series  entitled “Lights, Camera, Action: Personal Development.” I am glad that you have decided to join us and  I hope that you will gain valuable knowledge that you can take with you during this series. “My goal will always be to bring value and inspiration to a thirsty spirit seeking self improvement.”

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In this series, we want to discuss the importance of setting a plan for the foundation of your personal development. Once we have an awareness surrounding the importance then we can use those building blocks to shift your plan into actions towards committing to a life of personal development. I will seek to make you conscious of where you can improve in your personal life by looking at 3 distinguished sections in our series: First, Lights: You must be Ready; Pinpoint areas regularly where you can improve and set guidelines to help manage a plan for personal development. Secondly, Camera: You must be set; Set your stage by becoming conscious and prepare to set the foundation to build on personal development. Lastly, Action; Action is the time to act on that plan. Commit and discipline yourself by implementing your plan and sticking to it. Take Action towards personal development.

In order to properly and effectively improve on a cogent action, you must be ready. In order to properly and effectively be ready, you must be conscious of the action you are seeking to improve or develop. We have to mentally prepare ourselves and display the desire to want change and development within ourselves. My personal belief is that once we become comfortable with ourselves. A comfort zone is designed to make us lazy and make us relax while deep down inside our inner spirit thirsts for greatness. We minimize areas where we have uncapped potential in our lives once we allow ourselves to step into a comfort zone.

Whenever a journey seeker looks at the hill top of a mountain, they see the potential of reaching the top. During their journey they strategize and pinpoint ways to reach the top of the mountain. As they start their journey the beginning of the journey is relaxing and comfortable.  As they get further along their journey the uncomort they begin to feel during the process of climbing a mountain begins to set in. However, a mountain climber never settles for comfort because they desire to reach the top and see the other side of the mountain. Therefore, a mountain climber finds areas where they can improve their stamina, save energy, and use all their resources available to get to the top of a mountain. In order for us to develop and achieve greatness, we must never get in a comfort zone. Because like a mountain climber, if we identify areas for improvement we put ourselves in position to climb to the top of our mountain and then we see the other side of our development; which in return brings an inconceivable receptivity of fulfillment. We must not allow ourselves to be content with mediocrity, there is always room for improvement.

Whenever preparing for a flight a pilot must wait for air traffic control before they can perform a safe takeoff. If the sky is not cleared by air traffic control then a pilot will not be cleared for takeoff. Air traffic control must evaluate and confirm the area is clear in order for any plane leaving their ports to takeoff through the sky. The same concept goes for us during the process of personal development. Our vision must be clear by pinpointing and evaluating areas for personal development before we can confirm takeoff and reach the heights of our potential. The keen aspect that sets apart a special individual compared to an average individual is the ability to confidently and constructively evaluate themselves. Taking responsibility is the first step towards become conscious and preparing yourself for improvement. In the moment where you are able to pinpoint areas where you need improvement, your conscious and spirit for greatness is born! Once you discover your spirit and your consciousness for greatness, then your potential to reach greatness grows with you. Whenever you see growth, you awaken the illustrious GIANT inside of you.

The most valuable action that you can take with your time is to be prepared. The time that you put into improving yourself is the best time spent. Investing in your time in preparation and improving yourself is the best investment that you can make. Why? It is simple, preparation and putting in time to improve yourself eventually turns into a return. You should be using your time and preparation to monetize your return on your investment in yourself. If you have evaluated yourself and put together a plan to improve yourself, then be ready to make the commitment.  You must deliberately choose to take the time to regularly pinpoint areas where you can improve. Motivate yourself to nourish your mind and contribute to the commitment of your plan.  You have to be relentless in your preparation no matter how many long nights and days it takes.

Whenever you see a “great” athlete or performer step out on the big stage they are prepared. If you concentrate and practice on your craft, you put yourself in position to be ready. The results depend on the effort that you are willing to put in to be the best. We have 1,440 minutes in each day. If you take 180-240 minutes out of each day and dedicate that time towards preparation for greatness in your craft, then you allow greatness to seep into your mind, spirit and body. You attract greatness towards you when you live, sleep and breathe it. Great individuals mobilize throughout life with an attitude of greatness  because they have spent more time investing in preparation than mediocrity. Robert Smith, Michelle Obama, Michael Jordan, Tom Brady, Denzel Washington, Les Brown, Tyler Perry, Steven Spielberg didn’t became great based off of talent alone. No, they were passionate about their craft and they made sure that before each challenge they were prepared and ready. We do not do ourselves any favors by just having a plan developed and not being prepared to act on that plan. A blueprint design depends on the preparation of an architect. An architect depends on their skill set. Their skill set depends on the amount of time they have invested in their talent. To simplify this formula, investing your time in being ready and prepared are key to the larger vision. Discipline yourself by taking the time to invest in preparing yourself for whatever you want in life. Invest in yourself and “BE READY”.

A director faces the challenge of producing a successful work piece. A director has to have a vision and a plan to take scene by scene in order to reach a strong ending. When a director looks at the vision they are seeking to shoot for their project, he or she must have  prepared themselves to fulfill the script and vision for their project. In order to do this, they must work on themselves and work on their craft piece by piece so that they can “BE READY” to reach their happily ever after.

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