Lights, Camera, Action: Personal Development (SERIES)(DIRECTOR’S SCRIPT)

Director’s Script

I want to begin by saying  “Welcome and Thank You” for joining me for the new series  entitled “Lights, Camera, Action: Personal Development.” I am glad that you have decided to join us and  I hope that you will gain valuable knowledge that you can take with you during this series. “My goal will always be to bring value and inspiration to a thirsty spirit seeking self improvement.”

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In this series, we want to discuss the importance of setting a plan for the foundation of your personal development. Once we have an awareness surrounding the importance then we can use those building blocks to shift your plan into actions towards committing to a life of personal development. I will seek to make you conscious of where you can improve in your personal life by looking at 3 distinguished sections in our series: First, Lights: You must be Ready; Pinpoint areas regularly where you can improve and set guidelines to help manage a plan for personal development. Secondly, Camera: You must be set; Set your stage by becoming conscious and prepare to set the foundation to build on personal development. Lastly, Action; Action is the time to act on that plan. Commit and discipline yourself by implementing your plan and sticking to it. Take Action towards personal development.

In order to build a sound plan for personal development you must have a plan. The same way that a director writes a masterful piece is the same way we must build a sound outline for personal development. We must promote a mindset of determination to seek our  development in areas where we want to see improvement. Secondly, we must take note and commit to goals that we want to achieve. On our quest towards personal development each goal should unify towards an ultimate vision. A pioneer has a vision for gold, and a pioneer does not find his treasure without a map. Step by step should provide a map towards the reward that you want to accomplish. The same goes for a director, if we look at the way a director writes his script then we notice that we cannot reach the happily ever after without going through each scene  to achieve the benefit of a happy ending.

A plan or a script requires your commitment. Your craft requires a willingness to be motivated to reach your goal. I want to challenge you to look at yourself in the mirror and make a decision today that you will stop free styling life and actually take the time to invest in yourself by developing a plan.  Les Brown, one of my favorite mentors, says “Most people spend more time working on their jobs than they spend working on themselves. They work harder on their jobs than they work on themselves.” I challenge you to take a close look at who or what you are investing your time and talents in.  While your occupation may be where your best gift lies; are you truly using your gift for your own personal development or someone else’s gift?

The beauty of planning is that it increases value. The value of reaching your goal with a plan in place outweighs  taking life on with no true direction. Your ability to think and put down your thoughts reveal what your inner spirit is trying to feed to you and assists you in placing a plan into place to create a foundation. A strong foundation relies on multiple layers of matter. Defining your thoughts and generating a plan based on those thoughts creates layers and layers to help build a strong foundation.  A strong foundation develops a process that breaks you free from having to rely on the simplicity of a weak foundation. A plan provides an inner response and desire to reach your reward which will free any negative emotions which may hinder you during the process. We find that we are more capable of achieving our goals when we have a plan in sight. We protect ourselves from fear, insecurity, and procrastination that stunts our plans manifestation when we have a plan in place. The ultimate warrior looks at a leaf and envisions food. The ultimate warrior looks at a stick and envisions fire. Be the ultimate warrior and use planning as a resource throughout the battle of personal development.

A director faces the challenge of producing a successful work piece. A director has to have a vision and a plan to take scene by scene in order to reach a strong ending. When a director looks at the vision that they are seeking to shoot for their project, he or she must accept that they cannot jump to the ending without fulfilling the center layers of their project. In order to do this, they take one scene at a time and master it piece by piece so that they can reach their happily ever after.

So are you ready (Que the Lights!)? Are you set (Team, get the cameras in place!)? Then let’s get started….The stage to perform is ready, the script is written, the audience has taken their seats with a big bag of buttery popcorn and a large Coca-Cola to wash it down…Let’s go out, let’s put on a show and let’s reach our happy ever after ending.


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