Lights, Camera, Action: Personal Development (SERIES) (PT.2-CAMERA: BE FOCUSED)

Camera: You Must Be Focused

I want to begin by saying  “Welcome and Thank You” for joining me for the new series  entitled “Lights, Camera, Action: Personal Development.” I am glad that you have decided to join us and  I hope that you will gain valuable knowledge that you can take with you during this series. “My goal will always be to bring value and inspiration to a thirsty spirit seeking self improvement.”

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In this series, we want to discuss the importance of setting a plan for the foundation of your personal development. Once we have an awareness surrounding the importance then we can use those building blocks to shift your plan into actions towards committing to a life of personal development. I will seek to make you conscious of where you can improve in your personal life by looking at 3 distinguished sections in our series: First, Lights: You must be Ready; Pinpoint areas regularly where you can improve and set guidelines to help manage a plan for personal development. Secondly, Camera: You must be set; Set your stage by becoming conscious and prepare to set the foundation to build on personal development. Lastly, Action; Action is the time to act on that plan. Commit and discipline yourself by implementing your plan and sticking to it. Take Action towards personal development.

“I don’t focus on what I’m up against. I focus on my goals and try to ignore the rest.”
– Venus Williams

The above quote symbolizes the importance of being set, being focused and being aware of what we want to accomplish. No person, thing, or obstacle is responsible for your development except you.  You must identify the areas of personal development that you would like to improve and focus your time and energy on making those improvements. Everything that you do to improve yourself is an added value to “YOU”. Therefore, it is up to you to interrupt the flow and the patterns that are causing you not to focus on reaching your potential.

The Producer or DJ makes the beat, but if the producer or DJ does not stay in tuned with his beat then the beat loses the rhythm. If we move blindly with no focus, then we are setting ourselves up to lose our rhythm. We lose our beat and in return we do not reach maximum productivity to reach our goals. Challenge yourself to focus 100% on your goals and get in a rhythm so you can enjoy the sweetness of the ending product. A Producer’s ending product is his or her music, your product is whatever you are seeking to improve. Put in the work, commit yourself and focus.

Be a goal taker. Empty your mind of anything that is not assisting you in pursuing your goals. You spent the time envisioning a clear path to reach your goal, you took the time building the foundation; now it’s time to FOCUS. Without FOCUS, you lose the most important resource for your development. You have a map, you have a vision for what you want to accomplish, but you do not posses the tools to set up shop and stay on track toward success without focusing.

We must become consciously committed  to focusing on areas that we have identified for personal development. We must meditate and block out the distractions surrounding the areas that we have identified for personal development. We must set a bounty out on the areas that we have identified, and mentally prepare ourselves to capture and conquer those areas of personal development.

Whenever a videographer shoots an appealing scene for a film, they must focus their eyes and the camera on the areas they want to capture. The same concept is important for anyone seeking personal development. Focus in on areas where you can improve and allow the grand picture to be captured and developed in scenes or phases.  In each phase or scene their lies an area to be captured; which in turn contributes to the complete vision of our success. In each phase or scene of your life capture the opportunities presented for personal development. Then, as you shift to your new objective, keep a focused vision to capture the next opportunity for improvement. The focus that you utilize through each scene sets the stage for your vision towards personal development.

A director faces the challenge of producing a successful work piece. A director has to have a vision and a plan to take scene by scene in order to reach a strong ending. When a director looks at the vision of  their project, he or she must be sharp and focused to fulfill the script and vision for their project. In order to do this, they must stay on track and remain focused on the results that they want to accomplish. Director, it’s time to make your master piece. It’s time to “BE FOCUSED” so you can become one step closer to reaching your happily ever after.

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