Lights, Camera, Action: Personal Development (SERIES)(INTRODUCTION)

The Introduction

“Let’s go out, let’s put on a show and let’s reach our happy ever after ending.”

I want to begin by saying  “Welcome and Thank You” for joining me for the new series  entitled “Lights, Camera, Action: Personal Development.” I am glad that you have decided to join us and  I hope that you will gain valuable knowledge that you can take with you during this series. “My goal will always be able to bring value and inspiration to a thirsty spirit seeking self improvement.”

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In this series, we want to discuss the importance of setting a plan for the foundation of your personal development. Once we have an awareness surrounding the importance then we can use those building blocks to shift your plan into actions towards committing to a life of personal development. I will seek to make you conscious of where you can improve in your personal life by looking at 3 distinguished sections in our series: First, Lights: You must be Ready; Pinpoint areas regularly where you can improve and set guidelines to help manage a plan for personal development. Secondly, Camera: You must be set; Set your stage by becoming conscious and prepare to set the foundation to build on personal development. Lastly, Action; Action is the time to act on that plan. Commit and discipline yourself by implementing your plan and sticking to it. Take Action towards personal development.

Whether we are at a point in life where we are satisfied or maybe we are simply comfortable (you should never be satisfied nor comfortable), personal development is a continuous expedition. Whether we have discovered our gifts or we are still seeking our purpose, personal development is a continuous expedition. Whether we are at the point in life where life lessons have prepped us and now we are pivoting in every direction just digging in different sections to gain more out of lives; personal development is a continuous expedition.

Each of us is currently going through a phase. The phase of personal development. Some of us progress quicker in our journey towards personal development and some of us progress slower. Some of us lack certain traits on our expedition and some of us have a surplus of traits to assist in our development. However, no matter the route we choose or the abundance of resources we all should be in the same space. The space we are intertwined in is a space of understanding that personal development should never become an act that halts nor stops.

Personal development should be progressive towards becoming “The Best Version of Ourselves”. You need to understand that becoming the best version of yourself does not occur overnight. You should also never come to a stage in your life where you are satisfied or comfortable with yourself because there is always room for improvement. Your work and your development should never be complete until the universe determines your purpose has been fulfilled.

So are you ready (Que the Lights!)? Are you set (Team, get the cameras in place!)? Then let’s get started….The stage to perform is ready, the script is written, the audience has taken their seats with a big bag of buttery popcorn and a large Coca-Cola to wash it down…Let’s go out, let’s put on a show and let’s reach our happy ever after ending.

Director’s final call…3,2,1…Lights….Camera…. Action!

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