The Power of the 3: Creating An Intelligent Individual pt.2

“Whenever we embrace the positivity in our emotions, then we can see a collaboration between the three  beginning to form.”

I want to begin by saying Thank You! Thank You! Thank you! Thank you all for staying with me over the course of this 5 part series entitled “Put in Extra: Think + Work + Emotion = Intelligence.” We have reached the finale and I hope that you have enjoyed this journey. If you have made it thus far I hope you have gained valuable knowledge that you can take with you. If you have not gained valuable knowledge then my hope is that my work has inspired you in someway. My goal will always be able to bring value and inspiration to a thirsty spirit.

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In the finale of the series, we will be discussing part two in regards to The Power of the 3. During this feature in we will discuss the power of combining our thinking, our work, and our emotions. When all 3 are in agreement, we become all that we have desired and our intelligence is reflected. As usual, I invite you to not only read, but also feel free to share your thoughts and comments as we continue on our journey towards understanding intelligence.

The key to unlock the hidden potential between the thinker and the worker lies within how you choose to use your emotions. How we choose to use our emotions determines how effective our thinking will be, which in return determines how productive our work will be. Whenever our emotions are in a positive or a negative space, our brain is trained to process the information and communicate an action. The information communicated from our brain, which is triggered by an emotion is going to produce either favorable or unfavorable actions in return.  This is why the art and the mastery of our emotions is so important. The art of our emotions creates the beauty between our thought process and our work. In the end we essentially conclude with a development called The Power of the 3.

We must closely monitor how much mental capacity we are using to store constructive emotions. Whenever we embrace the positivity in our emotions, then we can see a collaboration between the three  beginning to form. The type of collaboration that is forming embraces the positivity in our emotions where our mindset and thinking becomes strategic. The type of collaboration that is forming embraces the positivity in our emotions where our work begins to manifest ideas. The type of collaboration that is forming embraces the positivity in our emotions where our perception on thinking + working is more satisfying

When you get to a point where you are able to consistently strategize and work through your ideas that are rooted from constructive emotions, then you will be in a natural state where you can be most effective. Once your emotions are in an arrangement of comprehensible thinking and practical planning you are able to see the revolution from your strategy into direct results.

At this stage a change in perception becomes visible on the basis of THE POWER OF THE 3. Notice now, that we have empowered ourselves where we free ourselves from limitations in our thinking. We have empowered ourselves from limitations in our ability. It is all because we had a shift in power over our emotions…and now it’s time to dominate.  With the shift in power, we open new doors and dimensions in the way we think and the way we work. We no longer become stagnant, because we are now are able to recognize boundaries which we have allowed our emotions to unconsciously create. Instantly we are able to progress and bulldoze through those same boundaries. In these moments, nothing can stop us because we have the power over our emotions to consciously breakthrough any boundaries, obstacles or challenges standing n our way.

And In the end there is only one thing anybody can say about you…..

“Now that is what I call an Intelligent Individual!”


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