The Power of the 3: Creating an Intelligent Individual Pt.1

“Nevertheless, whenever we take all three; thinking, working, and our emotions and input them into an action; we maneuver at intelligent levels.”

Here we go again and thank you for joining me for part four of the series entitled “Put in Extra: Think + Work + Emotion = Intelligence. If you have not already begun following my blog I invite you to subscribe and follow along by clicking the “follow” button at the bottom of the screen. You also can subscribe to receive updates by entering your email address when prompted as you enter my website.

In this fourth installment of the series, we will be discussing The Power of the 3. This will be a two part series during this feature in which we discuss the power of combining our thinking, our work, and our emotions. When all 3 are in agreement, we become all that we have desired and our intelligence is reflected. As usual, I invite you to not only read, but also feel free to share your thoughts and comments as we continue on our journey towards understanding intelligence.

Take note from the previous posts in this series. If you only possess the intelligence gene and not the hard-working gene then you lack the above; The Power of the 3. If you only possess the hard-working gene and not the intelligence gene then you lack the above; The Power of the 3. Whenever you put the two together, you become more valuable and more profitable. Remember that when you are able to operate and function efficiently with your thoughts, work, and emotions then you provide value and profit through your actions. 

Now that you understand the importance of The Power of the 3, you may be wondering; What is the actual ending result of The Power of the 3? Well I am here to enlighten you with the most powerful result of them all. Once you understand how to properly function between The Power of the 3, now you have become An Intelligent Individual.

How can we become well-rounded in order to create ourselves into an intelligent individual? How can we be well-rounded in order to create the most productive worker? How can we become well-rounded in order to create the emotional intelligence needed to produce efficient actions? We use all 3 together and find a balance to function at an elevated adequacy.

Sometimes the hardest working one in the room is not always the most productive. Individuals that are natural thinkers have an advantage compared to an individual who only knows how to work hard. The thinking individual exalts less energy to produce efficient results. An individual that works hard realizes that in order to get maximum results, they not only have to do more, but they must work smarter. Hard workers need to spend more time using strategic action in order to deliver results to counter. In the same instance, the thinkers in the room do not always have the most effective working strategy. Individuals that are hard workers by nature have an advantage compared to the thinkers in the room. The hardest working one in the room spends more time taking steps to accomplish their goal, The thinkers in the room realize that they must not only think smart, but they also must put their thinking into action. The thinkers need to find more efficient ways to put action to their ideas in order to counter.

Nevertheless, whenever we take all three; thinking, working and our emotions and input them into an action; we maneuver at intelligent levels.

To Be Continued……

5/9/19: The Power of the 3: Creating an Intelligent Individual pt.2 (Series Finale)



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