The X-FACTOR: Recognition

“Our secret weapon or our X-Factor is ready. We have the ability to recognize triggers in our emotions and we are now at an advantage. At this stage, we are able to work, think and act more productively, which puts us in a state of intelligence. “

Thank you for joining me again for part three of the series entitled “Put in Extra: Think + Work + Emotion = Intelligence”. If you have not already begun follow the blog update, I invite you to subscribe and follow along by clicking the “follow” button. You can subscribe to receive updates as well by entering your email address when prompted as you enter my site, or by clicking the subscribe button above if viewing from a mobile device.

On this third segment of the series, we will be learning more about our X-Factor: Recognition. Recognizing our emotions can become one of our most powerful skills if we engage in analyzing ourselves closely. Once again, I invite you to not only read, but also to feel free to share your thoughts and comments as we continue this series.

Recognition is a huge factor in becoming more intelligent with our emotions. We must recognize the role our emotions play in order to operate and function to the best of our ability. Once we take the time to recognize our emotions, then we become intelligent in how we think, work and  react to certain circumstances more productively. At this point in the recognition phase we can analyze ourselves closer and become more aware and responsible for our actions. 

Every decision we make is an opportunity to analyze ourselves and every opportunity we gain to analyze ourselves is a new opportunity to gain a new understanding of our emotions.

For example, I focus on always viewing myself as a brand. If we do a SWOT analysis on our brand then we can create a clearer picture. Ask yourself: What are my strengths? What are my weaknesses? What opportunities develop during these moments? What threats are relevant? Whenever we are able to analyze ourselves similarly to a brand, then we can plan and function clearer. This is helpful towards identifying whether the emotions that we produce are consistently helping our journey to success.

Through emotional intelligence, we gain recognition skills that help to differentiate between our emotions. We learn how we respond with our emotions  through different actions and through different effects.

Psychologically these emotions occur during a natural response during the fight vs. flight responses in our bodies. In the fight response our bodies show emotions that stimulate from an attack mode response. During the flight response our bodies show emotions that stimulate through an escape mode response. Following either response, our body then goes to a state of relaxation because our warning responses have all been turned off. Whenever warning signs strike we can recognize the responses of our own emotions.

Our secret weapon or our X-Factor is ready. We have the ability to recognize triggers in our emotions and we are now at an advantage. At this stage, we are able to work, think and act more productively, which puts us in a state of intelligence. 

Once we become emotionally intelligent then our thinking becomes more rewarding and our work becomes more valuable . When our emotions are in line then our effort in our tasks comes with a gain. We gain mental capacity, then our mental capacity provides more efficient effort in our tasks, which in turn equals more productivity.

So, why is that so important? Because our time is valuable. Have you ever heard the saying “time is money”? Productivity equals higher potential for profit. Our thoughts, our work and our effort are all intertwined with our emotions and when everything is functioning effectively we find more ways to produce profitable results.

To be continued……

4/29/19 : The Power of the 3: Creating an Intelligent Individual



  1. Very good piece on how to recognize body signs, how it is productive, and when it’s not productive depending on the emotional state.


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