The Patient Traveler

The Patient Traveler


“Does it irk you when you have somewhere to be and the person in the vehicle ahead of you is driving super slow?



If not, then I commend you.

We pass them up, shake our head and keep driving to our destination. While the person in the other vehicle keeps taking their time and driving to their destination.

The reason why the person in the other vehicle is never bothered by how slow they are driving is because they have one goal in mind.

And no, it was never about slowing you down. (joking)

Their main focus is to reach their destination at their pace.

Throughout life why do we choose to measure the time it takes someone to reach their success to the time it takes us to reach ours?

Everyone has their own pace, their own path and not to mention their own bumps in the road.

And truth be told, some of those paths and bumps would have forced a lot of us to turn around on our journey.

So let’s stop comparing the time it takes to reach the destination and start encouraging each other to stay on pace and keep going.

Be patient, the goal is not how quickly you reach your destination.

The goal is simply to reach the destination”


-Darrius E. Littleton

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