Time and Commitment

Time and Commitment


Does the time we put in towards our goals reflect our commitment?


“Excellent question.

Time. Commitment.

The goals that we have for ourselves require both time and commitment.

Time. Commitment.

There is not one without the other.

Time. Commitment.

They are the bow to our gift.

Time. Commitment.

They are tied together and hold precious value to our dreams.

Time. Commitment

Time is the reflection of our commitment to our goals.

Commitment controls the variable of time it takes to reach our goal.

Time. Commitment

So, when is the right time to place our focus on our goals?

The simple answer is NOW.

The time is always “NOW” when it comes to making the commitment to our goals.

Every second, every minute, every hour that our goals lack our attention pushes them further and further in the distance.

The only way to keep your goals close is to commit yourself and make the time for them.

Make the time and commit yourself to reaching your goals.

Time. Commitment.”


-Darrius E. Littleton

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