Account For Your Energy

Account For Your Energy


Are you paying attention to your energy?


“If not, then this post is for you.

If you are, then congratulations on mastering what it takes to influence and drive your life in the right direction. However, this post is also for you as a reminder.

The value of surrounding yourself with the right energy is incomparable.

It starts with an intentional mindset to choose positivity over anything else.

The ability to recognize and become aware of the different types of energy is a major key to unlocking any door that you desire to open.

So, whenever you become aware, then what is the solution? 

First things first, take a deep breath. A deep breath allows you to reset the situation and gain back control.

Second, make a conscious to decision to move forward and reject any internal or external energy that doesn’t influence you to exhibit positive behaviors.

Your life takes on the direction that your energy instructs. Positive energy will almost always influence you in the right direction.

Look at it like this.

You are the driver behind the vehicle (your life, choices, opportunities, etc.) that gets you from point A to point B.

Your energy is the GPS that serves as a guide to that destination.

If your GPS (Energy) is not intact then you will most likely end up taking your vehicle in the wrong direction.

However, if your GPS (Energy) is intact then you have a much higher chance of taking your vehicle in the right direction towards your destination.

The final and most important point of this piece is to always search for that positive energy.

Once you are able to find that positive energy, hold it tight and let everything else fall into place.”


-Darrius E. Littleton

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