Facing Fear

Facing Fear

I want to begin by saying  “Welcome and Thank You” for joining me for my new post entitled “Facing Fear.” I am glad that you have decided to join us and  I hope that you will gain valuable knowledge that you can take with you during this post. “My goal will always be to bring value and inspiration to a thirsty spirit seeking self improvement.”


“The turtle hangs his head out ready to take on the world, but one second of fear changes everything.”

Fear can be one of the most deceiving and self-destructing elements in our lives. It can find ways to grip onto our thought patterns and take us out of the flow of our ideal realities. The grip of Fear squeezes us so tightly that it suffocates any hope or faith that we are filled with. We begin to make excuses, we begin to fight facts and obvious signs of misdirection begin to develop in our lives. In our mind we believe we can talk yourself up to Fear. We believe we can puff out our chest to Fear. Long hours of exerted energy are put towards fighting off the danger of Fear. The disappointment of failures that don’t even exist lurk and defy us to the Fear. Fear puts up a block in the road hampering over our goals and our purpose. Our mental strength begins to become weary and we stand in a state of idleness to Fear. And at this point, Fear has you right where it wants you.

Whenever things start to become tough, without even thinking twice, Fear stems itself in us and makes us want to quit. We quit when it comes the time to stand up to Fear because in the background Fear is at war with the mental stamina and endurance we have to take on these deceptions of Fear. And without even recognizing,  Fear is in the background punching at our calling in life and plaguing our progress. We have not prepared and we are so discombobulated with what Fear has done to us that we react like a turtle.  The turtle hangs his head out ready to take on the world, but one second of Fear changes everything. When that giant named FEAR shows up we react the same way as the turtle. We allow Fear to become predatory on whatever it is that we set out to accomplish and we seek cover. Instead of leaving our head out facing our Fear, we duck our heads and seek shelter in our shells. We retreat to a feeling of incapability and we throw the towel in without facing the Fear.

Now to be clear there are situations when the fight vs flight response is required. In order to get an in-depth understanding of the fight vs. flight response please read my previous posts explaining how we respond. (PUT IN EXTRA : THINK + WORK + EMOTION = INTELLIGENCE (SERIES PT. 3)). But, in this situation I am speaking on the issue of challenges, challenges that we have been created to withstand and conquer. Challenges that God has placed in front of us to help build and strengthen our character for what he has set ahead. Challenges that have been God-Ordained for a specific purpose in your life in order to get you to where he wants to take you. In order to take the journey to get you where he wants to take you then you have to be willing to face the Fear.

Steps To Facing Fear

You were created strong enough to overpower any Fear that stands in the way of reaching your purpose.

The first step to start the journey of facing your Fear is to stop making excuses. The bearable idea that there are excuses for anything that you have been called to accomplish is a wound that you willingly open. You were created strong enough to overpower any Fear that stands in the way of reaching your purpose. There is no excuse, no ransom that can be used that can ever make that kind of Fear acceptable. Be willing to act in obedience and not as a pawn to excuse on your journey towards your calling.

Secondly, value your strength. Value who God has created you to be. He has equipped you with skills and tools to face your challenges and your Fears. Sometimes you have to go through a few tests in order to bring those skills out, but they have been given to you. Recognize the strength you have been gifted with and use it as a weapon to fight Fear.

Thirdly, talk is cheap, action is value. TALK IS CHEAP, ACTION IS VALUE. Say it with me again, TALK IS CHEAP, ACTION IS VALUE. Fear is calling you out and trying to slay you from your purpose and you are actively allowing yourself to self-destruct. You can either allow the dilemma to push you to the side by complaining, and nagging about it or you can find another way around the dilemma and conquer the Fear through action. Talk is cheap and is an act of unresponsiveness to your challenges. Unresponsive progress creates an opportunity for a bed to be belittled. Unresponsive action creates an opportunity for a bed to lay in with procrastination. Fear is camouflaged in our life helping you make the bed you want to lay in. Fear is making your bed and covering that natural beauty of what God has placed in you. It is time for you to take back the power you have through action. You make the bed that you lay in by either dwelling in Fear and its attributes or by taking on the challenge with a personal sense of responsibility. Start contributing to reaching your purpose by actions towards overcoming Fear.

Power Over Fear

“Fear, you will no longer misdirect me on my journey towards my purpose and my success.”

Fear, you have been calling the shots in our lives long enough. The communication has been switched off to DO NOT DISTURB…”Ring, Ring”, No answer. “Ring,,Ring“, Still no  answer. “Ring”…”Hello”… Today and every day moving forward if I am answering your call and your challenge I will be ready. And guess what?  I am delivering! On the other end of the phone I am coming smack dab right at your face, Fear. I came to deliver results like the pizza man! And what I am delivering is vital to my success, vital to my health and vital to my God-Ordained purpose. And guess what else, Fear? This delivery is nonrefundable. I don’t accept credit, but believe me it comes with high price of interest. I am here to cash in on all of who God has created me to be.  I am taking action against you with no regrets and no second guessing. Fear, I have allowed you to steer this ship with my eyes blindfolded for too long, but guess what Fear,…”IM THE CAPTAIN NOW!” Fear, you will no longer misdirect me on my journey towards my purpose and my success. I will let my presence shine and I will let my power be known. I am here and I am here to be recognized as an unstoppable force. I no longer have time to talk nor compromise. Fear, I have come to inform you that you are no longer superior. I have the power and you and I are no longer a good fit. You have been permanently terminated. It is time to move on… It is time I live my life with joy and not Fear. It is time to overcome and become the best I can be according to my God-Given ability.



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